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RMC SCBWI Golden Pen Nominee

PB Rising Stars Mentorship Runner-Up

PBParty Honorable Mention

4th Place - Susanna Hill's Holiday Writing Contest

Fall Writing Frenzy Winner

3rd Place - Susanna Hill's Valentiny Contest



11th Place - Susanna Hill's Valentiny Contest

Spring Fling Writing Contest Honorable Mention

Susanna Hill's Holiday Writing Contest Honorable Mention

3rd Katie Brandyberry.png

How it Started

I have always been a writer. Growing up, I loved the classes where I could flex my creativity and play with words. In fact, my most frequent gifts to family members were playful, personalized poems (thoughtful AND $0!).

In my marketing career, I write every day. From persuasive business writing to consumer-facing messaging, I am experienced in simplifying and building relevant, meaningful content.

However, my favorite writing is for children.

In 2020, I finally wrote down the bedtime story I had been telling my kids — a poorly-rhyming story about our family dog. When the story got rejected by agents and editors, I began taking classes, dissecting picture books, and dug deeper into the KidLit community. I joined SCBWI, 12x12, and multiple critique groups and have been reading, writing, and revising ever since.

Actual images of story time in our house. A glimpse into the chaos!

And Where it's Going

I am currently seeking agent representation and have several submission-ready picture book manuscripts. My stories are a mix of STEM, SEL and humor. I love writing characters with strong voices and even bigger hearts, playful language, and fresh ways to look at the world. My marketing background helps me build strong hooks and differentiators into each story.

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