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2023 #FallWritingFrenzy Submission: Stay Outside

#FallWritingFrenzy is one of my favorite KidLit contests. I was a winner last year with my spooky, Sanderson-sister inspired witch story. This year I took a completely different angle, celebrating the simple act of jumping in leaves. I absolutely love the sound and smell of fall leaves, and this story wants me to created the biggest, cushiest pile and jump right in!

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Stay Outside – Katie Brandyberry (198 Word Count)



Leaves twirl and swirl

and cover my backyard.

The grass is gone—

replaced by yellow,






They stick to my sneakers,

camouflage my toys,

and even kind of smell.

I guess I’ll go inside.

But then—WHAAAAA!

I slip and trip.

I brace for a THUNK

but instead—

I softly THUD atop a cushion of leaves.

As I fall down,

leaves fly up.

When they land, they don’t prickle…

they tickle!

My frown folds into a grin.

I guess I’ll stay outside.

I wonder how cushy a pile I can make.

I kick leaves into a heap…

then leap!

My grin becomes a giggle.

I think I’ll stay outside

and do it again.

I pile handfuls of leaves together,

building a mound taller than my waist.

I take ten steps back,

then blast.

Stretching out my arms and legs—

I become a shooting star for the leaves to catch.

I make a wish.


I scrunch my nose

at the sweet, musty smell of leaves



around me.


The gate squeaks open and my smile spreads.

My wish came true!

Staying and playing outside

is even better

with a friend.


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1 comentário

Lisa Voisin
Lisa Voisin
03 de out. de 2023

That’s delightfu! you captured the joy of autumn leaves.

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