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2023 Spring Fling Kidlit Entry - Opening Day

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Spring marks the beginning of many things... including baseball season! "Opening Day" is inspired by the deep love, loyalty, and optimism that sports fan have for their home team. A belief that next season will always be better than the last!

GIF Inspiration:


By Katie Brandyberry

150 WC

Fans file in and find their seats.

They've been waiting for this day since last year's loss.

Opening Day means a fresh start.

They wear jerseys. Ball caps. Cozy jackets, too.

Spring baseball is not for the faint of heart.

Between crackerjacks and "Let's go" chants, the fans are ready.

The players take the field.

They've been waiting for a new season, too.

Still—their stomachs swirl.

They can't let their fans down... again.

Not on Opening Day.


Pitches curve wide, balls are dropped, and bases load.

The home team slumps.

But the stadium thumps.

Fans stomp stomp clap, ball caps flip, waves ripple, and "Let's go" echoes.

The fans believe.

After all—spring baseball is not for the faint of heart.

The players inhale the energy.

They start to believe, too.

They stand tall and take the field.

A new inning. A fresh start.

On Opening Day.


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